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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Experienced and Skilled Project managers and analysts will look after your project requirements and will suggest you the best suitable solution.

As contract is a good professional practice to adhere, we suggest our clients to commit with an contract to ensure transparency and delivery of features discussed.

We accept Paypal and GPay in order to observe easy, reliable and faster money transfer, without any hassle.

If you feel that you have chosen the wrong service plan, you can contact us and we will revoke your service plan as per your need and comfort.

Softmetier offers services like Web development, Mobile Application development, Digital Marketing, E commerce Solution and Other IT related Services.

As you provide us with the project requirements and all the technicalities of contract are completed, we provide clients with project deadlines.

Our skilled team and project managers will look after your project details and will keep you updated about the progress of your project in real time.

For the Online or Digital Marketing, Softmetier offer the services including SEM, SMM and SEO. Also, we manages client social media portfolio.

We Suggest our clients to make out advance payments in order to catalyze the project development process and hence, deliver the project on time.

If You have any question or doubt, you can mail us at or call +91-8852905290.


Satisfied Users Over The Globe

Softmetier is one of the best IT service Provider you can get in market. They are dedicated and really perform good job when it comes to Website Development and Digital Marketing. They are the best in the market.

John Peter


I was looking for the development of an e commerce platform for my shop. I researched and came across Softmetier and I must say, I am impressed by their work and services they offer. Truly recommend Softmetier for IT work.

Ahmed Abdallah


Softmetier is a very trustworthy service provider for the digital and search engine based marketing services. I am very satisfied and recommend other to contact Softmetier for IT solutions. They provide the best Digital marketing service.



I wanted to manage my business online profile and was looking for a genuine expert in market for it. Someone suggested me Softmetier and I contacted them and got satisfied results for my business.

John Peter


My company wanted to develop an android mobile application for my business project and Softmetier helped me truly to get the best results with their expertise and knowledge in the field of IT and Online marketing.

John Peter

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We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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